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German Transgender or Trannygirl from Hamburg with a faible for High Heels and beautiful dresses.

Freitag, Dezember 02, 2005

Mittwoch, August 17, 2005

English Profile

Hi there.

my Name is Zoe and I'm a german trangender-chick from beautiful hamburg.

Normally i blog in german with my german transgender-blog, but there are many people in my weblogs from english-speaking countries. So I need an english Profile.

Unfortunateley my english is not so good to blog really in english but i hope for my profile it's ok.

You see, i'm a tv-girl not a real girl. Normally it's okay to be male, cause you have many advantages as male. But if i change the role i do my very best to look most perfect as i can.

My sexual preference is heterosexually (maybe a cute trannygirl too) but i don't search for dates with males, sorry.

see my transgender webblog and give me an guestbook entry.

And if you love transgender-blogs, you should have a look to www.transgender-blogs.com. It's a directory of blogging transgenders allover the world. At last the transgender Forum a forum to transgendered persons in germany.


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